Thursday, May 30, 2013

Character Interviews: Meikle Talks Love

Meikle has kindly [sort of kindly] agreed to continue with our interview under the condition that no questions be asked about her bag. Meikle, did you want to address my editor’s inquiry regarding your interest in Troy Tombolo?

Meikle: Troy isn’t only my other best friend’s boyfriend, but he’s not my type. I like them a little more fragile…the kind I can chain up, break down, and break in.

Interesting [disturbing]. So, in general, what are your thoughts on love?

Meikle: Love is lust in disguise…the big bad wolf wearing the skin of a little lamb he just ate.

Um…care to expand?

Meikle: No.

Please…for our readers, I mean?

Meikle: Fine. People feel guilty about lusting after one another, so to ease their minds, they slap on the ‘I Love You’ and go at it like rabbits, guilt-free.

Does that mean you don’t believe in real love?

Meikle: Haven’t seen it yet.

What about your friends, Marina Valentine and Troy Tombolo?

Meikle [laughs, sort of]: Yeah, I guess. Closest thing to it, given how they’re able to restrain themselves. If those two ever drop the formalities and give in, the earth with crack in two.

How about you? Are there any Merpeople you’re interested in?

Meikle: Maybe. Maybe not.

Can’t you give us a hint?

Meikle: Sure I could…but I won’t.

Do you think there’s a mutual attraction with this person?

Meikle: I think he’s afraid of me.

Does that worry you?

Meikle [smirking]: It turns me on.

Are you the aggressor in a relationship, then? Or do you wait for them to come to you?

Meikle: A little of both. I like being the aggressor without the guy realizing it.

Have you ever used magic to cast a love spell?

Meikle: Love spells are for novices. There are more reliable magical methods of securing a guy.

Ooh, care to share?

Meikle: Really no.

Right. So, from an insider’s perspective, what went wrong with Troy and Katrina Zale?

Meikle: For starters…she’s a merwhore-merbitch who has a soul gunkier than mud. Yeah, think that’s enough. Marina came along and showed Troy what something real was all about.

How long do you give Troy and Marina?

Meikle [with a sarcastic chuckle]: Depends. However long we have to live, I guess, which seems to vary every day, but leans mostly toward the shorter sell by date.

Final thoughts on love before moving to our next topic?

Meikle: Love is like a shooting star—catch it cleanly, and you might have something really special; fumble it, and you’ll be burned to a damn crisp.

Uh-huh, well, that’s…yeah…so stay tuned for next week when Meikle gossips about her friends. Should be…interesting.

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