Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Merworld Water Wars: Meikle Dishes on Her Friends

Meikle: Can we talk about my friends, now? Really want to talk about them.

This is the most eager I’ve seen you. In case you haven’t realized, you don’t really show much emotion.

Meikle [deadpan]: I know.

Of course you do. Let’s talk Normals, absolutely! Let’s start with the boy of the group, Trey Campbell. Trey’s an intuitionist, meaning he can see truth behind lies. That must be problematic if any of you are keeping secrets.

Meikle: Not really. He’s incredibly talented, but he’s more concerned with what’s going on outside of our group, so we can be the wool to his eyes.

Have any of you ever dated Trey or wanted to?

Meikle: Marina and Trey always had a connection. Ophelia was hot for him, but she had a boyfriend…and she always, always fainted around him. Polly asked him out while we were in the institution. Freaking mess that was.

What happened?

Meikle: Polly wanted Trey; Trey wanted Marina; Polly demon’ed out. It was one of the first times Polly had lost it. Actually, thinking back on it, the whole thing was pretty entertaining.

Why is that?

Meikle: There was this kid that wore a clown mask everywhere he went. When Polly’s demon bits took hold, she marched over to the circus-kid, pulled his mask as far off his face as she could, and then let it go. That thing snapped him so hard, he never wore it again. In less than two seconds, Polly did for that kid what years of therapy couldn’t do.

That is funny! So, is she over Trey?

Meikle: Oh, yeah. It was a hormonal flash, anyway. I think she swapped souls with a succubus that day.

Right. Anything you want to add about Polly?

Meikle: Uh, she’s completely screwed up, socially inept, focused solely on herself, irrational, and twisted…and entertaining and 100% loyal.

Marina Valentine. One word you would use to describe her would be what?

Meikle: Heart.

Heart? Why heart?

Meikle: She’s all heart. Everything she does is driven by her heart. She never puts herself first, even when she thinks she does. She’s as good as they come.

Who’s the funniest of the Normals?

Meikle: Not me. I don’t do comedy. Marina. She does comedy, most of the time unknowingly. She’s a combination of slapstick, dry humor, and stupidity.


Meikle [shaking head]: She’d be the first to say it, trust me.

Who’s the drama queen or king?

Meikle: Polly, hands down, even though she doesn’t think she is. She can spot microscopic things that annoy her quicker than a telescope…and then grow them into mountains. No joke. Polly can drum up more drama than a paper sack.

Is she going to get mad at you for saying that?

Meikle: You can bet on it.


Meikle [raising an eyebrow]: Hello? Witch here.

One final question. This was the top question sent in by our readers: Where did you get your nail polish color, Undead Red?

Meikle: I made it.

You made it?! Would you consider bottling it for Merpeople?

Meikle [sly grin appearing]: Well, let’s just say it’s not suitable for everyone. See, it’s not your average nail polish. Its ingredients are…unique.

Well, thank you, Meikle, for your time. It’s been…interesting. Join us next week, lovely readers, for the next installment in our interview series…think you’ll like who we have on deck! 

Until then~xoxo, Clarissa Smoggrove


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