Friday, July 19, 2013

OVERFALLS is here!!!


OVERFALLS, the second Wave in The Merworld Water Wars series is finally here!!! 

And for anyone looking to meet some quirky, crazy, loveable characters in a wild world full of adventure and fun, FINNED, the first Wave in The Merworld Water Wars series, is now only .99 at Amazon

Many hugs and loads of love to anyone who has given my quirky characters (and their goofy author) a chance. <3

Friday, July 12, 2013

Character Interviews: Trey Campbell Answers Mer-questions!

Today, we’re going to dig through our mail and ask Trey all those burning questions I just know my precious readers are flipping fins to know the answers to! So let’s get started.

Pearl from the West Wave of Fairla wants to know how you feel about the ‘Normals’ label placed on you and your friends by the Merpeople.

Trey [shrugs]: I don’t like labels of any kind. You know, all creatures struggle with the same [EXPLETIVE], so what the hell is the point of slapping labels, apart from wanting to be jackasses? It’s a bully thing in my book. But—yep, I have a but [Clarissa giggles like an 8th grade idiot]—now that I’ve railed on it [laughs with Clarissa], I will say it has grown on me because we are different…and why not celebrate it? We’re special. So, if the merfolk want to highlight our uniqueness with a label, go right ahead. We’re always willing to make it work in our favor. [smiles sexily…Clarissa fans herself]

Tommy, also from the West Wave of Fairla, asks: Did you ever believe in mermaids before learning the truth in Saxet Shores?

Trey: Yeah, I think I did, in a really broad sense. I’ve always felt there was a lot more to the world that we can’t see. When human kids started developing talents, I pretty much figured mythological creatures existed on some plane. Plus, my instinct literally screamed it from the earliest days I can remember of my life.

Ooh, Tay from the Atlantic ocean wants to know if you would ever date a mermaid.
Trey, winking: You interested? [laughs…while Clarissa, once again, makes an ass of herself by nearly falling off her chair. She could do with a drool towel as well] Let’s just say I’m not close-minded. [another wink]

Well, that was most enlightening…phew…um…okay…Birdie from the North Wave of Fairla has to know if you would ever consider living underwater.

Trey: If the right girl has a fin I can’t resist, you can bet I’ll make the move…down.

[Good Poseidon. Clarissa unleashed a laugh so wild, even the Normal raised an eyebrow] What a great answer! That was just…what do you want?! [Clarissa notices blue puffs from her editor] It seems my editor wishes to ask you a question, Trey.

Trey: Go for it.

Editor, in the form of blue puff lips: What is the significance of the owl pendant you always wear?

Trey: It’s my luck charm. I’ve had it since I was an infant. For some reason, I’ve always felt it kept me safe. That’s about it, I guess. Meikle thinks it holds some kind of magic. I don’t sense anything magical about it, but maybe I wouldn’t, since it’s an inanimate object.

Editor, in the form of blue puff lips: Thank you, Trey. And, Clarissa…kindly keep it together. [Clarissa blushes madly and stares at me—the Sandblastwriter—murderously]

Next question, then… Oh, this is a good one. From Jack in Diagonal South Fairla: Trey, who would win in a fight, you or Troy Tombolo?

Trey [laughing]: Whoa! Good question. Man, if I don’t say me, then I’ve got no balls, you know? So, yeah…me! Yeah, it’d be one helluva battle, I can tell you that. Troy’s a lurker. I mean, his anger, his strength, kinda bubbles right below the surface. When and if he chooses to unleash it…it could be scary. BUT, I’d still beat him, okay?! [lots of laughs]

Harmony from the heart of Fairla wants to know what you look for in a girlfriend.

Trey: Well, this is going to make me sound like a lying tool, but…eyes, personality, and inner beauty mean everything. I’m not screwing around or trying to say what you want to hear, or bull[EXPLETIVE] like that—I genuinely mean it. My ability to read a person makes it damn near impossible for me not to look at the inner beauty of someone before anything else. And, let me tell you, that’s where guys should be looking—that’s where they’ll separate the real from the fake. Uh, Clarissa? Clarissa? You okay?

[Clarissa, gazing at Trey like a lovesick guppy, is in her world of Trey + Clarissa sitting in a wave, k-i-s-s-i-n-g; first comes lov—] Oh, shut it you enormous piece of whale dung! [Trey is studying Clarissa with a ‘have you been smoking too much seaweed’ look. And, if you ask me, she probably has] I literally hate you, you damn snark-spewing contraption.

Trey: Did we have any more questions?

Oh, yes! One more for today. This one comes from Rella, a Ravenflame! Wow! We don’t have too many from them.

Trey, smirking: Can’t imagine why.

Rella wants to know if you…oh my…would ever date a Ravenflame?!

Trey, eyes wide: Wow. Didn’t expect that one! Well…given some people I now know, things I’ve now seen…I would have to say…yes, IF she’s the right kind of girl.

Ooh, what do you mean by, ‘given some people I now know?’ What people? You mean a Ravenflame and a Fairhair?! Voluntarily together?! Happy?

Trey: Yeah, I’m not going into specifics, sorry.

[Clarissa, biting her lip, suddenly has an idea] How would you like to come back for another round of mailbag fun?

Trey: Sure, yeah, sounds good. But you won’t trip me up.

Oh, of course not. I wouldn’t even try. [And she will try…she has a whole week to plan]