Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Merworld Water Wars: Normal Meikle Martinez on Witchcraft

Do you ever wish you didn’t have powers? 

Meikle: No. Being a witch is what I’m supposed to be, and I’m damn good at it. If people can’t handle it, they can suck it. 

What do you say to those who believe your talents make you dangerous?

Meikle: Closed-mindedness makes for a far more dangerous individual. 

What’s the best part about being a witch?

Meikle: People don’t screw with you, and if they dare…you know you’re going to win.

Some might call that cockiness. What is it, cockiness or confidence?

Meikle: It’s truth. I never think someone is going to defeat me. Doesn't matter what you do, if you think you're going to fail, you probably will.

Are there any witch-related movies, books, characters, or shows created by humans that you enjoy?

Meikle: First off, they weren’t created by mere humans. Every single creative individual behind supernatural books, shows, and movies has supernatural connections. I’m surprised this isn’t more widely known. Anyway, yeah, loads...but you really can’t beat Harry Potter, can you? I also thought Nancy Drew was pretty cool. 

But she wasn’t a witch…

Meikle: You sure about that?

So, could you take Hermione in a fight?

Meikle: We’d be on the same side. Now, if we’re talking Bellatrix…I could take her down in under five. 


Meikle: Seconds.

You know, I actually don’t question that at all. Polly Purdue is one of your best friends and a fellow Normal. Have you ever tried to cast a spell that would free her of those demon bits?

Meikle [frowning…think I’ve angered her]: Why would I do that? 

It’s just…she doesn’t have the best social skills because of her talent--the ability to soul swap with demons. I just wondered if…

Meikle: If I’d change one of my best friends to make her, what, more politically correct? There’s enough [expletive] in the world. Why the [expletive] would I add to it? She might be thoroughly screwed up, but she is who she is, right?! Stupid freaking [expletive]. Oh, son of a freak…not again. [glowers at another blue puff]

Editor, in the form of blue puff lips: Is it true you want to steal your other best friend’s boyfriend? And what exactly is in your bag?

Meikle: That’s it. [many expletives as she abruptly leaves the interview room]

Oh, but we’re not done! Um…pause here while I try to bring her back.

To be continued…


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