Thursday, August 31, 2017

Back Now

First and foremost, much love, many thoughts, and countless prayers to the brave people of Houston and surrounding areas devastated by Hurricane Harvey. You will get through this and be stronger than ever before, that much I know. <3

Well, it was a long winter. And spring. And summer. The bottom line: The sinusitis that ultimately led me to some not-so-fun procedures between January and July is still an ongoing thing. Yeah, the infection was really, really bad. Snot monsters. Who knew? Then, from December through March and some of April, my dad could barely walk (and sometimes just plain couldn’t) due to gout and the return of a medical condition that nearly took his life. During the same time frame, my poor mom struggled and is only just now feeling better after going back and forth to the doctor since February.

On the bright side, Dad is pretty much back to form and Mom is doing much, much better. As for me, I’m praying there are two more procedures before everything is back to normal again. I feel horrible for my absence and more so that my writing has been slow going since all of this started. I’m trying like all heck to get back on track, but it is a slower process than I would like.

At the very least, I plan on keeping the blog & FB updated more regularly, even if it’s with a bunch of nonsense (kinda like most of this post, right?). Twitter, however, will be where I release my annual crazy. Yes, it’s that time of year again: LSU FOOTBALL. All sense of reason (what little remains, that is) quite literally flies out the ears when LSU takes the field. Apologies in advance to anyone who may witness my wackiness—you may conclude I need professional help. To those cheering for teams who may take the field against LSU: Nothing but good sportsmanship here & may the best team win…so long as it’s LSU (just kidding…kind of).

Now for the big news: In December, before the chaos unleashed, I became a mama to a precious little angel. Please meet my fur-baby, Crosby St. Nick (yep, he was totally named after my favorite crooner, Bing Crosby, and the one and only Santa Claus). I realize my holiday addiction comes through in his name. Well, I've never hidden my crazy, so...yeah. 

Baby Crosby

And, yes, he's fast becoming a big LSU Tigers fan! 

Okay, I will see y’all soon with new puppy pics and new updates…including one that has been requested a few times from readers. ;) In the meantime, I hope to see you on Twitter for some serious fun on game day & Geaux Tigers.