Thursday, August 13, 2015

DOWNDRIFT Now Available on Amazon!

Available on Amazon

The fourth wave has landed! DOWNDRIFT is available in the Kindle Store! The estimated page length listed on the Kindle product page is 288 pages, but the actual paperback length is just over 350 pages. It may correct itself once the paperback and Kindle versions link up. I'm not too clear on all the technical parts--surprise, surprise, right?  lol

 Available On

By the end of DOWNDRIFT, you'll see just how big the final wave is going to be... 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

DOWNDRIFT, Wave Four Arrives August 13th

Here it is! Wave Four is picking up speed and is scheduled to make landfall on August 13th*!


Marina Valentine is one future time-traveling trip away from putting the final trident in King Zale’s reign. The future, however, has a dire message for the Savior: She is one decision away from costing everyone everything.


Marina doesn’t want the burden of some unknown decision, nor does she want to learn of yet another sneaky trick by King Zale. All she wants to do is focus on her trip with Troy to retrieve the last soul stealing stone—a trip that will not only take them to wondrous, mysterious places, but will bring them closer than she ever dreamed possible.

Unfortunately for Marina Valentine, burdens and Zale tricks are part of the job description.

Only this time, the burden has never been heavier and the trick has never been more destructive. 

*Please note that it can take 12+ hours for a book to appear LIVE on Amazon once it is published, and on occasion there are delays. Because weather and power outages are always a concern this time of year, I may publish early in an effort to avoid any weather-related delays.

**And I apologize for the big gaps between paragraphs. No clue why that happens, but it does now and again. I finally gave up trying to figure out how to fix it--beyond my brain's capability.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

There's a Wave Coming!

The Fourth 'Wave' in The Merworld Water Wars series is about to hit the shore! The Mer-Nor gang is back for another crazy, intense adventure!

Stop on by the blog, Twitter, & FB next week for the release date, to see the cover, and read the blurb! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Fling Giveaway EVENT!!!

So, I've been pretty obvious about my wacky love for any and all holidays, including the possibility that I was an elf in a past life. Well, the second best thing to a holiday is a giveaway--I mean, you have a reason to celebrate AND give goodies away to winners! Giveaways are practically holidays, right? The two words even sound alike--holiday...giveaway. Well, when Sarah Dalton, BRILLIANT author of the Mary Hades series (see my review for Mary Hades here) e-mailed about an insanely awesome giveaway event, I was so all in!

What's up for grabs

From me: I'm elated to contribute signed paperback copies of the first three books in The Merworld Water Wars series, along with some Merworld swag.  

Breakdown: Over 70 authors are participating with over 100 ebooks up for grabs. I'm elated to be one of those 70 authors. Readers will have the chance to sign up for books that interest them and then winners will be randomly selected. There are tons of genres and books to choose from: Horror, Time Travel, Contemporary, Dystopian, Fantasy, Paranormal, and Science Fiction (See photos below for all the participating authors and their books).

The YA Spring Fling giveaway runs from March 20th to April 3rd and gives readers the opportunity to win ebooks, paperbacks, audiobooks and swag from some of the most awesome YA writers around.

To be in with a chance of winning head over to Sarah Dalton Books after the giveaway opens. 

Good Luck and Happy Giveaway! 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Contest: What tale do you have to tell?



Last spring & summer, I had the honor of working with several wonderfully talented groups of authors, one of which was in the Somewhere South of Normal, Volume I, anthology. Serena, the brilliance behind creating False Key, invited us to introduce our characters to the sexy dangers of the island and put our own special twist on its sandy shores. Now, Serena & The Howl at the Moon are presenting you with the chance to set your characters loose on an island where the only thing that is predictable is its unpredictability. 


Sponsored by Howl at the Moon Writers Jam.

Intrigued by the fantasy world of False Key? Want to get published? Win prizes?

Enter your best short story (1,500-8,000 words) and/or poem (up to 3 pages) set in the world of False Key, Florida.

Grand prize winner(s) will be published in an upcoming False Key anthology and receive $25 cash and their choice of a False Key mug or t-shirt. Second and third place winner(s) will be published online.

The setting should be the island of False Key or surrounding waters.

Story prompts to inspire you:

1. Account of a trip to False Key including a narrow escape. Or not.
2. The Howl at the Moon Writers Jam in False Key is having a short story contest. Meta!
3. Dive into the music scene of False Key
4. “My name is Sharkton, and I’m powerless over eating people.”
5. Choose your own theme.

Work must be original, unpublished, and in keeping with the spirit of island. Read Somewhere South of Normal for clues!

Submissions open Jan 5 and close Mar 19

Winners will be announced on April 16 at the Howl at the MoonWriters Jam in Stuart, Florida.

Winners will be published online. Grand prize winner(s) will be published in our 2015 False Key anthology.

Read the official contest rules and fine print here.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Roundup: Racing, Writing, Random, & Contest Peek!

Well, I finally did the thing I dread doing: changing my blogger background from Christmas to something non-Christmas. I know, it's pathetic, but I hate seeing all the Christmas goodness disappear for another year. You should see me with the tree and decorations--most depressed self-professed elf EVER. 

On the plus side...RACING IS BACK! Yeehaw! I geaux ('geaux' is an LSU thing for those who haven't witnessed the circus sideshow that is me on Twitter during football season) kinda blah between the end of football & holidays until now, when NASCAR returns. Dale Jr. finished 3rd. Great race. Very glad Kyle Busch is safe after that horrific accident yesterday. Scary, scary thing to see. I felt so bad for his wife--she must have been absolutely terrified. Safer barriers should be everywhere. Just my less-than-two-cents opinion. 

The writing cave has been a busy place. Book 4 of The Merworld Waters Wars is coming along steadily. I'll be kicking it into high gear here soon. I'm still looking at a summer 2015 release date. And...we have a cover!!! It definitely sets the tone for the fourth book, especially since the story really leads to the fifth and final book in the series. I'm a crazy mix of excited, nervous, and sad to be so close to the end of this series. Oooh, can't even think about how finishing the last book will feel! Nope, can't think about that right now. No, no, no, just no.

Anyway...on top of that, I've been working like mad on my first New Adult Contemporary Romance/Suspense trilogy. There will be danger, love, deadly secrets, betrayal, and some, um, steamy-sexy grown-up fun. It's been really fun to write. I've had these characters nagging me for a looong time--kept notebooks in an attempt to keep them at bay while writing Merworld Water Wars, but they finally lost their patience and came bursting out of my brain. I'm not absolutely sure about a release date for the first book, but I'm aiming for the end of summer, maybe sooner.

Oh, and Mother Nature can take the cold away any dang time now. Seriously. Getting just a little tired of having to leave the faucets on a drip and shivering and brrr and blah! Elsa, I most definitely am not, despite 'Let It Go' being a theme song and my love of snow for the holidays. Pre-Christmas snow & Christmas snow...yeah, totally different from after-Christmas snow. This made a lot more sense in my head than it does now, staring back at me. :/ 

Lots of things coming up, including a big contest taking place in False Key...details coming this week! 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Author Spotlight: Susan Fodor Brings the Mermaid-Merry!

It's a mer-Merry Christmas today! I'm thrilled to have one of my very favorite mer-authors on the blog: Susan Fodor! She was one of the very first authors I met when starting this journey & I'm truly blessed to call her my friend. <3

What Christmas carol could you not live without? 

If you could be in a Christmas movie, which would it be and who would you play?

Finish this sentence: It's not Christmas without...

Susan's Biography

Susan is the author of The Silver Tides Series.
A dreamer. Wife. Mother. Friend. Dessert enthusiast. Theologian. Australian. Bi-lingual. Passionate. Overly involved with fictional characters. Avid supporter of International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Has eclectic taste in music, food, and clothing. Enjoys taking random photos of Tuvok her cat.

And always has time to look for the best in people.

Connect with Susan & discover her novels: 

*Giveaway: For a complete list of prizes and terms & conditions, click here.

Pick up a copy of Celestial on Amazon 
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