Friday, December 4, 2015

The Christmas Season is Here & Long Overdue Anthology News!

It's Christmas! With the world the way it is today, it just feels like we need the magic of Christmas and miracles and joy more than ever. 'Tis the season of tree-trimming (which was done before Thanksgiving...yeah, I know. I can't help it), decorating (yep, also done before Turkey Day), Christmas carols (been singing them since Halloween), Christmas movies (bet you can guess how long I've been watching these), present hunting (in total elf mode), present wrapping (starting soon), cookie eating (on it), and just an endless amount of wonder, whimsy, family, friends, love, and jolliness. Even though I've tried in the past to temper the Obsessive Christmas Disorder, it's pretty much impossible to hide my elf self. Mom says I should work for Santa. Maybe someday...

Computer: Well, I'm still relying on borrowing a computer  (although, hopefully, I will soon be able to borrow one a bit more often). Mine is still acting ridiculous. I just have to kind of tiptoe through my computer's drama until I can get a new computer.

Anthology News: I'm embarrassingly behind on blogging about another amazing anthology I was fortunate enough to be a part of with a truly wonderful group of authors.

Spectral Tales: A Ghost Story Anthology. From Amazon: Whether they are spirits of the departed or figments of an overactive imagination, ghosts are a staple in fiction. Storytellers have portrayed ghosts as scary, friendly, or annoying across many genres. Now, eight authors offer their own interpretations of ghosts through a collection of short stories that will appeal to fans of horror, fantasy, or young adult fiction.

Here are the stories and storytellers featured in this year's anthology:

“Deathwatch” by Katie French

“Tides” by Sarah Dalton

“Shadowspirit” by M.A. George

“The Little Girl” by Jamie Campbell

“The Ghost Below” by Ariele Sieling

“Slave Runner” by H.S. Stone

“Farewell Ohana (A Ghostly Mini-Wave)” by Sutton Shields

“Ghost Girl” by Susan Fodor

For my part, I decided to reveal a little backstory on Maile, Gus, and Gully from The Merworld Water series. Here's the blurb for my crazy little short story: Farewell Ohana (A Ghostly Mini-Wave): Maile Lahela is under attack by someone in the Kauai Camp for the Curiously Creepy. When she awakens one morning unable to see, her peculiar, yet loyal friends decide it’s time to escape the institution—something that’s never been done. But before they can leave, Maile has a mission of her own…one that could cost them their lives. 

Farewell Ohana is a short, fun-filled, emotional prequel to the events occurring in Overfalls, Wave Two of The Merworld Water Wars series by Sutton Shields.

You can pick up a copy of fun, scary, & emotional goodness here (Psst: It's FREE!)

I should have some Wave Five updates & spin-off updates very soon! In the meantime, maybe put on a Santa hat and get your jolly on! :) Happy Holidays!!!