Monday, April 29, 2013

Roping the Roundup, Part One

Clearly, I need to improve the whole blogging/Facebook/twitter thing. This is nothing new. Eventually I figure the power of super savvy will kick in and transform me into a social media guru (and this would be the definition of delusional…or wishful thinking…think I prefer the latter, yet realize the former is more accurate).

Roundup time (I chose 'roundup' over 'update' because it fits better with my Texas roots...and reminds me of cowboys):

* My parents: It’s been a twisty road up a steep hill with rough terrain, but my parents are doing better. I still worry about them…don’t think I’ll ever stop worrying. It’s a wonder I don’t manufacture worry.

* Cover for Book Two (Wave Two): The book cover for Wave Two is ready!!! SO exciting!!! It’s absolutely beautiful! I’m so, so, so in love with it!!! Seriously, who needs a man when you can fall in love with a book cover, right?! (Um, ignore that one. What can I say? It’s my way of comforting my perpetually confused, single gal heart)

I can’t wait to share the cover with anyone out there who might be reading. I hope you’re out there somewhere. Hellooooooo out there. Ooh, I hear an echo. That can’t be good. :/

* Progress on Book Two: I honestly thought I’d have the second book published by now. Everything was cruising along SO smoothly and quickly that I just figured…well, wrong, apparently. :/ Between my OCD’ing and fruitless attempts at perfection, time tends to slip by me. Then there’s the little problem with my emotional involvement with my characters and their story—sometimes, I’ll just cry through scenes and end up with a headache and blurry vision. I know I’m ridiculous!!! Still, progress is moving at a steady pace and I anticipate releasing this summer (aiming for June or sooner).

And then there’s this…

* Think there’s a very good chance I was a hermit crab in my past life: Okay, Mom laughed to the point of snorts when I mentioned this random brainwave, but check out the evidence:

Exhibit #1: Social Media Shy (Seriously, who's shy when sitting behind a computer?! I’m working on it. Literally. I’ve been researching my eyes out, trying to familiarize myself with everything and figure out a way to be less silly).
Exhibit #2: When using social media, I instantly take the Dolorean back to junior high school and once again enter the Island of Misfit Toys.
Exhibit #3: Birds, especially seagulls (creepy, right?!), have an unusual fondness for me, which is sort of disturbing ever since I saw The Birds.

Part Two of the roundup to come…