Thursday, August 13, 2015

DOWNDRIFT Now Available on Amazon!

Available on Amazon

The fourth wave has landed! DOWNDRIFT is available in the Kindle Store! The estimated page length listed on the Kindle product page is 288 pages, but the actual paperback length is just over 350 pages. It may correct itself once the paperback and Kindle versions link up. I'm not too clear on all the technical parts--surprise, surprise, right?  lol

 Available On

By the end of DOWNDRIFT, you'll see just how big the final wave is going to be... 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

DOWNDRIFT, Wave Four Arrives August 13th

Here it is! Wave Four is picking up speed and is scheduled to make landfall on August 13th*!


Marina Valentine is one future time-traveling trip away from putting the final trident in King Zale’s reign. The future, however, has a dire message for the Savior: She is one decision away from costing everyone everything.


Marina doesn’t want the burden of some unknown decision, nor does she want to learn of yet another sneaky trick by King Zale. All she wants to do is focus on her trip with Troy to retrieve the last soul stealing stone—a trip that will not only take them to wondrous, mysterious places, but will bring them closer than she ever dreamed possible.

Unfortunately for Marina Valentine, burdens and Zale tricks are part of the job description.

Only this time, the burden has never been heavier and the trick has never been more destructive. 

*Please note that it can take 12+ hours for a book to appear LIVE on Amazon once it is published, and on occasion there are delays. Because weather and power outages are always a concern this time of year, I may publish early in an effort to avoid any weather-related delays.

**And I apologize for the big gaps between paragraphs. No clue why that happens, but it does now and again. I finally gave up trying to figure out how to fix it--beyond my brain's capability.