Saturday, October 10, 2015

Somewhere South of Sane Anthology is HERE!

Okay, really quick update before we get to new anthology news: I'm in the middle of all sorts of computer drama (more to come on this, along with an update on Wave Five). Please forgive any delays in e-mails, messages, and/or comments on here, FB, and/or Twitter. I don't use my phone for things like that... I know, I know, I'm pathetic.  

***** Now for the exciting news...just in time for Halloween...

The island of False Key is back with a whole new set of stories featuring more magic, grittiness, danger, fun, sexiness, and all things, well, not-quite-normal.

I’m so incredibly excited for you to read this one! The stories are epic, and we have an extra treat for you this time: Illustrations! One of our authors, Corina Pelloni, brought elements of each of our stories to life through illustration, and the results are stunning. They add so much magic to an already magical island.

As for my typically wacky contribution… Over It follows the events of my equally crazy short stories, Oversplash and Overbite-Me, from the first volume of False Key happenings, Somewhere South of Normal. In one final showdown, Jex, Ash, Moraine, and Cole race against the clock to resurrect an island landmark before a group of sketchy False Key politicos make them pay…with their lives. Did I mention Jex and Ash share a moment? Things are about to get complicated…

Somewhere South of Sane, More Stories from False Key is now available on Amazon:  

And if you haven’t yet visited False Key, plan your trip by grabbing a copy of the first volume, Somewhere South of Normal

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