Saturday, October 24, 2015

Roping the Roundup: Merworld Men, Wave Five, & Computer Woes

Computer Woes. Well, my computer has turned into a massive drama queen. Her ‘attitude’ started over the summer. Initially, I wrote it off as computer PMS, but, alas, her bitchiness just raged on. Thanks to the saga-coaster my computer strapped me into, I’m limited with my time online. Fortunately, I’m able to borrow a computer on weekends, just in time for game day—I need to vent my LSU crazy on Twitter…it’s therapeutic. ;)

With all my claims of technology idiocy, you probably know by now that my brain doesn’t exactly skew to the techie side (oh, how I wish it did). Frankly, it makes me uncomfortable. As a result, I haven’t brought myself to try the whole phone-to-tweet or phone-to-email thing. To me, that’s beyond my scope of comprehension. Maybe I’ll try eventually…one day…possibly.

The whole thing kinda sucks because I love my little drama-happy computer! You get to know your computer, and it gets to know you, you know? The one I’m borrowing is an uber-sensitive jerk and clearly doesn’t ‘get’ me. So, there’s that. 

Wave Five, the final book. Is the computer drama affecting Wave Five? To some extent, yes. I’m doing a lot of handwriting, which is a bit slower. BUT I’m still on schedule for a summer 2016 release. I will definitely keep you updated.

Wave Five hints. I can tell you that the final wave in The Merworld Water Wars series is shaping up to be one wild, emotional ride. Huge secrets will finally be revealed. Think I’ll leave it at that for now. ;)

Spin-off series: The first book in the spin-off series featuring the plane full of characters you met in DOWNDRIFT begins the editing process next week! The new series will consist of 3 books full of wacky, crazy fun. 

Men of The Merworld Water Wars. Speaking of merps and an impending water war, the men of the Merworld recently dropped by Bookish to answer a few fun questions for Tiffany! Some replies were sweet, some sexy, some severe, and some were downright saucy.

Due to my computer issues, I’m behind in posting this, but if you have a minute for some hot supernatural men, stop on over for the naughty Q &A session with Troy, Jex, Trey, Kyle, and Doctor Tenly! 

Lots more updates to come! Many Mer-Hugs~

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