Thursday, February 26, 2015

Contest: What tale do you have to tell?



Last spring & summer, I had the honor of working with several wonderfully talented groups of authors, one of which was in the Somewhere South of Normal, Volume I, anthology. Serena, the brilliance behind creating False Key, invited us to introduce our characters to the sexy dangers of the island and put our own special twist on its sandy shores. Now, Serena & The Howl at the Moon are presenting you with the chance to set your characters loose on an island where the only thing that is predictable is its unpredictability. 


Sponsored by Howl at the Moon Writers Jam.

Intrigued by the fantasy world of False Key? Want to get published? Win prizes?

Enter your best short story (1,500-8,000 words) and/or poem (up to 3 pages) set in the world of False Key, Florida.

Grand prize winner(s) will be published in an upcoming False Key anthology and receive $25 cash and their choice of a False Key mug or t-shirt. Second and third place winner(s) will be published online.

The setting should be the island of False Key or surrounding waters.

Story prompts to inspire you:

1. Account of a trip to False Key including a narrow escape. Or not.
2. The Howl at the Moon Writers Jam in False Key is having a short story contest. Meta!
3. Dive into the music scene of False Key
4. “My name is Sharkton, and I’m powerless over eating people.”
5. Choose your own theme.

Work must be original, unpublished, and in keeping with the spirit of island. Read Somewhere South of Normal for clues!

Submissions open Jan 5 and close Mar 19

Winners will be announced on April 16 at the Howl at the MoonWriters Jam in Stuart, Florida.

Winners will be published online. Grand prize winner(s) will be published in our 2015 False Key anthology.

Read the official contest rules and fine print here.

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