Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Meet the Authors of False Key

Mark V. McDonnell is one of the brilliant minds behind the anthology, Somewhere South of Normal

I'm elated to feature the authors of Somewhere South of Normal for the 2014 Halloween Haunt-y Hootenanny & Giveaway! As we prepare for the biggest Halloween event ever, I thought it might be nice if y'all meet these wonderful authors.

Amber Garr: Amber Garr spends her days as a scientist and nights writing about other worlds. Her childhood imaginary friend was a witch, Halloween is sacred, and she is certain she has a supernatural sense of smell. Amber is a multiple Royal Palm Literary Award winner, author of the bestselling The Syrenka Series, The Leila Marx Novels, The Water Crisis Chronicles, and the Death Warden Series. When not obsessing over the unknown, she can be found dancing, reading, or enjoying a good movie. Visit her at www.ambergarr.com

A.P. Kelly: A.P. Kelly is college educated, has a cat, and writes fantasy.

Corina Pelloni: a saying speaks of many fish- yet what of the many seas?
grant me sufficient hours to swim in all of these!
though a splash of paint or a wave of ink can deeply satisfy,
an urge to drift on tides of words i neither can deny.

Mark V. McDonnell : A poet and fine artist who spent his first 50 years living within sight of the Empire State Building, Mark V. McDonnell is awaiting appointment as Commissar of Enlightenment.

Serena Schreiber: Serena Schreiber started life in Brooklyn, New York. After living in Miami, London, and Bremen, Germany and narrowly escaping the corporate world, she became an award-winning children's author of the series Finn's Books. By day she writes about climate change. By night she pens adult fantasy and Howls at the Moon. Visit her and other characters at www.serenaschreiber.com

Kathleen Spalding: Kathleen Spalding always wanted to be a mermaid when she grew up; being born human in Arkansas stacked the odds against her. After living in several states and two countries, she eliminated one obstacle by settling near the ocean in Florida. Although she can tell a tale, she has yet to grow one.

Sterling Stone: Sterling Stone, an award-winning children’s book author, decided to dance on the darker side of literature and explore the freaky, fantastical world of False Key.

Kathy Thomas: Kathy Thomas is of the rare “pre -Disney World” Floridian breed, where all things are possible while in sight of the ocean, once a person gets over sweating. Fishing, kayaking, hiking, swimming, horsemanship, animal behavior, fiction, and music are all abundant in her life. The Gypsy life is the life indeed as witnessed by her four grown children and five grandchildren. After a stint in an RV and as a state park volunteer/employee she is writing of her life and travels. Being a Reiki Master with a BA in Psychology and Creative Writing, she is always a student of massage and healing. Visit her at her blog

DJ Voelker: Dj Voelker Artful curiosity; eyes behold magnitudes of splendid:  colors, shapes, and tonalities of wonderful life. Gaze into this beauty, as long as one must… then Paint it!! Skillful Loves: Artist, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, and Business Branding dj@EHGdesigns.com

Note from me: You can also catch my craziness in Somewhere South of Normal. If you like sexy, Aussie, naughty, sorta-angels, you can find a certain one roaming the pages of this anthology. 

Somewhere South of Normal is a collection of stories and poetry from False Key, the island of dreams and nightmares, shifters and mermaids. Shed the humdrum mainland routine. Escape into our adult fantasy. Arrive by rust bucket, summer squall, or overnight coach. You can raise a glass with locals masquerading as humans, or slip into extravagant costume for our parade...until we find you appetizing. We do love our visitors. Disclaimer: This anthology is intended for Mature Audiences. Contains violence, adult language, and sexual content. Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural Romance and Poetry.

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  1. Mark, you're our cornerstone. Check out all his amazing haiku inspired by our weird, little island. Just in time for Halloween!

    1. Mark's Halloween haikus are phenomenal, just like his masterful creations for our stories. <3