Monday, October 20, 2014

Author Spotlight & Giveaway: Sterling Stone!

Sterling Stone is the brilliant author of This Sea is Your Sea. This Sea is My Sea, Current Conundrum, & Action, featured in the sexy-scary anthology collection, Somewhere South of Normal.

1. You have three tremendous stories in Somewhere South of Normal (hereinafter SSON). Is there one in particular that holds special significance for you? 

2. If you lived in False Key, which establishment would you be most eager to visit and why? 

3. Which establishment & character would you avoid like the plague? 

4. If you could be any creature or being in SSON, which would you like to be and why? 

5. What is your favorite Halloween tradition? 

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  1. Thanks for allowing me to chat with your followers. I'm curious if any readers have a tattoo that looks like it might have been done by one of the artists at The Inkwell @FalseKeyFL. Please share it with us.

  2. Ah, readers are being shy about sharing their tattoo dreams. Perhaps another question will resonate better. If Vincent were to body paint you, what creature would you like to mimic? Care to share the reasons for your choice?