Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Review of Waterfall by Amber Garr & Giveaway

Love, Love, Love

*As spoiler-free as possible*

Waterfall was just what I needed after reading Waterproof. By the end of Waterproof, I absolutely NEEDED more of Vee, Zach, and their world. Waterfall gave me just that by introducing me to the very moment the water shortage forced our beloved characters into the woods, on the run. Please note that though Waterfall is a short story prequel, it is equally as emotional, exciting, endearing, and heart-stopping as Waterproof.

Characters: This prequel focuses on Vee, Zach, and their parents as they escape their neighborhood and head to a safe place…or so they think. I loved getting to know their parents and hope very much to learn more about them.

World & Story: Waterfall is like the on-ramp to a seriously busy highway with crazy drivers and speeding tractor trailers. This is the beginning of a ride that will only get much more dangerous.

Overall: A tremendous introduction to a series that has me completely engaged. I really, really hope to read more short stories highlighting Vee and Zach’s days with their parents as they fight to maintain their freedom.

Rating (yeah, I’m holiday-obsessed, so I rate by snowmen. I’m also a giant dork): 

5 Magical Snowmen

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