Sunday, March 16, 2014

Book 3 updates, Satanic Sinuses, & an Epic Migraine

First off--and I know this is waaaaay late--I hope EVERYONE had a wonderful holiday season, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and/or Happy Kwanza! I miss the holidays.

Big hugs and many thanks to all who entered the 12 Authors of Christmas Giveaway! The winner was drawn, notified, and was super excited. I hope y’all had fun with all of our author spotlights and discovered new books to devour on our bookshelf posts.

So, it’s been a while, huh? Where the heck have I been?! Well, I’ll tell you…

Some of you may remember I was down and out in November with sinusitis. Okay, I know what you’re thinking: Uh, a sinus infection? Dude, that’s lame. I would totally think the same thing…if I hadn’t gone through one myself.

This sinus infection was of the evil variety. We’re talking stuffy nose (lame), scratchy throat (lame), sinus pressure so terrible that it radiated nearly unbearable, shake-until-you-feel-faint PAIN straight down into my jaw and teeth (definitely not lame), and facial swelling to the point that I couldn’t move my mouth into a smile on one side of my face (now we’re talking Halloween-scary, folks). This thing was no freaking joke.

After going to the doc and getting some meds, it finally started responding…and so did my system when it decided to sprout hives in allergic reaction fashion. Yeah. So much cuteness, let me tell you. *Note the sarcasm*

Fast forward past New Year’s Eve and it’s hello sinuses. They’re ba-ack, though, thankfully, not to the extreme evil they achieved in November. This time they simply knocked me sideways with sinus pressure and a migraine I couldn’t kick. Lovely. My eyes haven’t been able to tolerate a computer screen for quite some time now…


…my mom came to the rescue. God, I love her! She found a little personal humidifier for me, which was something the doc recommended, but, um, I’m really bad about changing filters and all that nonsense. Well, this personal one is filter-free! Just fill with water, plug it in, and you’re done! Genius. Isn’t it cute?! 

After about a couple months with this little workhorse and I’m already noticing significantly less pressure in my face and no nagging headache, which means I can look at a computer screen again!!! Hurray! 

Annnnnnnnnnnd then my sinusitis came back. Yeah. BUT it wasn't as bad, and I swear it's because of the little humidifier. Well, after taking the new meds, I seem to be back on track...for now...until the next round of acute sinusitis attacks. And let me tell y'all: there is nothing 'cute' about acute sinusitis. 

What about Book 3?!

Here’s what we have:

*The most gorgeous cover on the planet which is currently getting all dolled up with typography.

Um, you didn’t mention the actual book.

That’s because I can officially say…IT’S DONE! Dude, it has taken me forever because I haven’t been able to be on the computer much. So, I turned to handwriting. Of course, the migraine kinda destroyed any sort of eyeball-usage. So, I employed a recorder—I used one before Christmas when things were too chaotic to sit at a computer for any length of time and found it really helpful.

The problem? I’ve learned a few things while transcribing from said recorder: I hate my voice. I sound stoned, even though I’m not; my attempt at an Australian accent is completely hideous; and I’m an even bigger idiot than I thought I was, so…yeah...good times.

Bottom line: I’m working my rear off on this book. I feel AWFUL for the delay. Stupid evil sinuses. Seriously. They’re evil monsters from the depths of the devil’s toilet.

A cover reveal and release date is just around the corner! I promise! <3

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