Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Author Spotlight: T.A. Brock's Bookshelf!

Do you like zombies? Thought so. You'll want to keep a very close eye on T.A. Brock's soon-to-be expanding bookshelf...

Fatal (The Dead of Asher, #1 )

Blurb for Fatal, the first book in The Dead of Asher series:
Zombies eat brains: wrong.
Zombies are mindless and unthinking: nope.
Zombies are rotting bags of flesh: not necessarily.
Zombies kill humans: never... well, there is that one exception.

Grayson Patch hasn't been human since he was seventeen years old... and that was nineteen years ago. When he rose from the dead that night, a Zombie, he had no memory of his former life, a craving for raw flesh, and only one purpose: to find a cure. He wishes only to be human again and he is promised that it is possible. But first he must find the human that can help him before he begins to decompose... and trade her life for his. As he learns more about her, he just doesn't know if he can do it. Can he? When the cost of being human again is to become a monster?

Cori Abbot isn't scared of Grayson. Not when there are a million other things for her to worry about. Like being the new girl in a school that is a fraction the size of her old one. Or making new friends while battling her antisocial tendencies. And then there's the big one: dealing with the recent and sudden death of her father. Yeah, there are bigger problems than the strange, withdrawn, and consistently angry guy who seems to hate her for no apparent reason. Imagine how surprised she is to realize that the ever hostile Grayson might actually be the one who understands her the best.

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    1. Hi M.K.! Thank you so much! I've added your site to my follow list as well!! :)