Sunday, October 6, 2013

Author Spotlight: T.A. Brock

T.A. Brock is my long lost holiday-loving sister, I swear. We both watch Christmas movie marathons in the summer, have a slightly unhealthy obsession with iced Christmas cookies, and would totally take jobs in Santa's workshop, you know, if he offered and all. ;) 

So, who better than an all-things-holiday obsessed  author to write a little haunt-y goodness? 

Hellllllloooooo!!! I hope you’re having a hauntingly happy October thus far. I know I am. I love this month more than most others. I should love November more since that’s the month I was born, but no, October is my fave. Here’s why: (are you ready?) FALLLLLLLLLLL!!! HOT CHOCOLATE, CAMPFIRES, BOOTS & SWEATERS, CANDY, PUMPKIN EVERYTHING. And also CHRISTMAS IS COMING, CHRISTMAS IS COMING, CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!

Okay, now that I’ve managed to freak you out with my exuberance, let me tell you a little about myself. I kind of like to be skeered. Not scared, exactly. But skeered. Creeped out. Surprised. Shocked. Entertained. I like to visit haunted houses, corn mazes, tell ghost stories around a fire (usually while gnawing on a caramel apple or a s’more). I like horror movies (even though they usually don’t scare me). I like reading horror (especially something psychological). I don’t, however, write horror.

*Woah, wait, hol’up. Isn’t your book about ZOMBIES?*

*Sigh. I was getting to that. But since you interrupted…*

For those of you who don’t know, my book, FATAL, is about zombies. BUT it’s not what you think. THIS IS NOT A HORROR STORY. It’s a looooove story. And my Zombies are different. They’re less zombie, more X-Men. I’d love to tell you more but the book will re-release soon and I wouldn’t want to spoil anything. *wink, wink*

Anyway, back to my point. I’ve always liked horror but had never tried my hand at writing it until recently. I had two opportunities to submit a short story. One for Pen & Muse’s Dark Carnival and the other for a Halloween contest. And… I sort of loved it. It was a terrific (and terrifying) learning experience. It allowed me to stretch writing muscles I hadn’t used before. Like a workout for the mind. It was AWESOME.

It got me thinking about things from my childhood and I realized I was interested in horror even as a kid. Anyone remember these books?

Dude, what was I thinking, reading these? I know for a fact some of them would give my kids nightmares. But not me. I LOVED them.

Fast forward X number of years (you didn’t think I was going to reveal my age, did you?) and here is what my Horror To Be Read list looks like today:

So, what about you? Have you read any good horror lately? If not, think about grabbing one of these for some haunty Halloween reading!

P.S. Have you seen THE CONJURING? It’s not skeery. It’s SCARY! Watch it. I dare you! Muahahahaha!!!!

Yeah, the cover with the doll face is wigging me out. Big time. Thanks a lot, T.A. for making my blog all creepy looking now! ;)  But, seriously, those books look like awesome reads, especially for Halloween month!

Keep a steady eye! Soon, you'll once again be able to pick up T.A. Brock's novel on Amazon (the reason her book isn't currently available?'s amazing...but I'll leave that for her to reveal) ;)

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  1. Some seriously freaky book covers. And I cannot read anything that involves dolls. Just. Too. Creepy.

    1. Right?! They're perfect for their genre! Oh, the doll cover scares the bleep out of me. lol It's brilliant, though.


    2. The Insomnia cover gets me every time, I swear. Chills in my fingernails.

    3. OMG, I force my eyes to skim over it because I struggle with insomnia, so...yeah... My luck, the mean sandman would finally grant me sleep and I'd have nothing but nightmares. :/