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Author Spotlight: Katie Hayoz

Katie Hayoz, author extraordinaire of Untethered, was one of the first fellow Indie authors I ever met on Facebook. Little did she know that she would soon bear witness to one of my classic inner idiot moments. Usually, I just want to slap my inner idiot silly, then swiftly hide under a rock. This time, however, I was grateful for the idiot moment because it allowed me to become friends with a truly incredible person.  

Costume Quiz 
by Katie Hayoz

Every Halloween, I have costume problems. I always end up choosing something I’m super uncomfortable in (who knew zombie cleavage was so hard to rock?) or that doesn’t fit my personality (I am so not Hello Kitty).  So, this year I’ve come up with a personality quiz to avoid the bad decisions and find which costume fits who I really am. 

Take the quiz and find out what you should wear this Halloween.

1.        It’s Friday night and you and some friends decide to get together to watch a movie.  Which one do you vote for?

A.      Saw. With the lights off.

B.      Dracula. The original 1931 black and while film.

C.      Anything Disney.

D.      You don’t care.  You watch your iPad while the others watch the movie.

2.        Bedtime.  What do you wear?

A.      Button down pajamas.  The legs have a crease ironed down the middle.

B.      Red satin with black lace.  You have a matching dressing gown.

C.      White cotton.  Eyelet for the summer, waffle weave for the winter.

D.      You never change for bed.  You fall asleep in front of the computer.

3.       You are in line at the supermarket.  A toddler is howling because he wants cookies and his mom won’t buy them.  You:

A.      Take the knife from the package of plastic cutlery you are buying and tell the kid you’ll cut his tongue out if he doesn’t stop.

B.      You ask the mother if she’s tried absinthe.  For her.  And the kid.

C.      Smile sweetly and pretend you hear nothing.

D.      What?  What kid? You don’t hear him because you’ve got your ear buds in.

4.       You are invited to a pot luck supper.  What do you bring?

A.      Spaghetti in tomato sauce. You joke about it being cat intestines.

B.      Heavy red wine.  You bring your own jeweled goblet.

C.      Cupcakes.  With swirly white frosting and candy hearts.

D.      Nothing. You don’t go because there are people there.

5.       What would you name your pet?

A.      Killer

B.      Lady Aurora

C.      Squiggles

D.      RX24

Now time to find out what you wear.

If you chose mostly A’s:  You like it scary.  Gory.  And rather disturbing. You’re possibly a bit warped.  Your friends move sharp object out of your reach and your neighbors scurry away the moment you approach.  Halloween doesn’t come often enough, in your opinion.You love to scare trick-or-treaters.

Your costume:  A Psycho Serial Killer.  Buy a hockey mask and a plastic ax.  Don’t forget the blood.

If you chose mostly B’s:  Gothic. Steampunk.  You wish you’d been born when women still wore corsets and carried little daggers in their garters. Your wardrobe consists of black, black and black, with a bit of red or purple thrown in.  You already own a pair of fake fangs, just because.  And your jewelry box looks like a hollowed out skull.  Every day is Halloweenfor you.  October is just a bonus.

Your costume: A Steamy Vampire.  Add an extra layer of eyeliner and sharpen those fangs.  You’re good to go.

If you chose mostly C’s:  You adore strawberry tarts and anything with sprinkles.  Your curling iron is your best friend.  Fuzzy pets and boys with long eyelashes rule your world.  Giggling is your favorite pastime.  Halloween?  Sure, you’re game. As long as you can wear lace.

Your costume: It’s Halloween, babe.  Not Valentine’s Day.  So throw out the Little Bow Peep props and go as the Bride of Frankenstein.  Not pretty enough, you say?  Fine.  Then be Dracula’s victim.  Dress in a frilly white nightgown and dot ketchup on your neck.  Who says dead can’t be beautiful?

If you chose mostly D’s:   You’re the one who brings her iPhone to the movies and scrolls through her Twitter feed instead of focusing on the film.  You also text at the dinner table, instagram over drinks and reddit at red lights.  You speak in acronyms.  You always have to ask others to repeat themselves because you’re only half-listening.  Halloween?  For you, a really good scare means the WIFI is out.

Your costume:  Brain dead Zombie.  You’re already one, anyway.  

If you've read FINNED, you know why my answer to the last question was 'Squiggles.' And, um, for the record, I was mostly C's. God, I'm a dorky Pollyanna!!! I need to be a vampire and really ooze the sexiness. Could be interesting...or disastrous.

Seriously. Ya just can't read this and not want to hurry to Amazon and snag Untethered, right? AND, FYI, IT'S FREE!!! But only for a limited time, so scoot on over there and grab yourself a copy!!!  

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