Sunday, October 27, 2013

Author Spotlight: Amber Garr Brings the Spooky!

I'm THRILLED to have author Amber Garr here for some spooktastic fun today...and believe me, she has delivered. Get ready. 

Oh, and, by the way...the following story is based on actual events. 

A Ghost Story

Amber Garr

Jessica didn’t believe in ghosts.

That’s why the cemetery across the street from her home never bothered her like it did her friends. The old, gray stones and worn brick wall added an ambiance of serenity, not fear. Jessica long enjoyed her quiet walks through the oaks, past the old graves and new. She’d avoid the wakes and memorial celebrations, opting instead to visit at dusk when most were too superstitious to venture past the gate.

Jessica’s cat loved the cemetery just as much as she did. Not believing he was feline, Buggs allowed her to take him for walks on a leash like a trained puppy. Sure people stared, but Jessica didn’t care. She and Buggs ignored them as they’d weave their way through the gate leading to the peaceful cemetery. It was a regular routine for them. A break from everything.

One evening just before sunset, Jessica fastened the leash to Buggs for their daily walk. Almost Halloween, the cool, crisp autumn air whipped the barren tree branches around like skeletal arms. Orange pumpkins and cartoon decorations adorned homes and businesses. As Jessica’s favorite time of year, she loved how the dead leaves now painted the ground in a canvas of colors. It was the month where everyone could pretend to be something else. It was also the time when not many people risked nighttime walks in the cemetery.

The oldest graves rested on the far side of the property. Large oaks interspersed with crumbling tombstones represented the only remnants of a time long passed. No one left flowers or wreaths on these graves, and Jessica suspected it was due to the lack of living relatives instead of human disregard. The setting sun cast beams of light through the desolate oaks creating eerie shadows that seemed to ebb and flow around the headstones. Jessica and Buggs were alone, and she reveled in the peace.

Looping around the graveyard, the two stopped at the center where a veteran’s memorial had been erected after World War I. Decorated with the names of local fallen heroes, Jessica tried to step closer to appreciate the monument. But the slight tug on the leash pulled her attention away and forced her to look down at her cat. Buggs, ears flattened and back hunched, stared intently at the closest bench, refusing to move. The small growl rumbling deep in his chest sent chills down her neck as Jessica realized he might be seeing something she couldn’t.

A sudden, screeching howl pierced the night air as Buggs hissed and spat and leapt so high, only the leash stopped his ascent. He screamed, flared his claws, and twisted his body like a demon possessed his soul. Jessica watched Buggs break free from the leash, jump over the stone wall, and leave the cemetery before she even had a chance to react.

Now standing alone, she wrapped her arms across her chest and shivered. She couldn’t see it, but she knew someone was there, watching her and laughing at what he’d just done to her cat. “That wasn’t very nice,” she scolded the air, hoping to sound strong.

Turning her back on the memorial, she briskly walked down the path leading out of the cemetery, feeling something scrutinizing her the entire way. The chills didn’t subside until she reached her front porch where Buggs sat patiently by the door. She scooped him up in her arms, his eyes wide and heart pounding against his chest. Her heart fluttered too, and with one last glance at the cemetery, she let them both inside.

Um...did anyone else get goosebumps, 'cause I sure as all heck did?! My eyes literally bugged when I read about what happened to a graveyard...with Halloween just around the corner. Yeah. *shivers* 

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