Thursday, September 19, 2013

Honorary Mermaids

I just loved fellow mer-loving author Susan Fodor's recent blog post.

It made me remember something that life's super-fun (note the sarcasm) obstacles can sometimes cause us to forget: 

We're never really alone, no matter how lost or lonely we may feel. All we need to do is look around and reach out--more often than not, there will be someone reaching right back, taking our hand. 

And if not...well...there's always chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, Harry Potter, and Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan movies...and Johnny Depp...and Eric Northman...and Viggo Mortensen...and Mr. Darcy. But, keep reaching just the know, with the non-spoon-holding hand.

Oh, and I agree with Susan wholeheartedly--doing a giveaway is much more fun with a group of people. I've loved being a part of Mermaidapaloosa with Susan, Amber, Elle, Heather, Karen, and Brenda. 

Here's to the honorary mermaids of Mermaidapaloosa and all the readers diving in for some fun. <3

Sizzling sand, pristine sea, steamy nights and hot boys! 

Hold onto summer with Mermaidapaloosa!!!



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