Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Merworld Water Wars: Trey Campbell Talks About His Intuitive Power!

Describe your main power for our readers, if you will.

Trey: Yeah, basically, I can sniff out lies, dig up truths…that kind of thing. It’s kinda hard to define because it all happens in my gut. I just know where there’s a lie. Might not know what the truth is, but you can damn well bet I’m gonna find out.
So, how can your friends get away with keeping things from you?

Trey (grinning): Some lies are harmless. I mean, I know what ones are major and what ones aren’t. The major ones rattle my core…it forces me to hunt until I uncover the truth. Minor lies might give me a twinge, but I know not to turn them into a big expedition, you know? And then there are the fun ones, like when someone wants to surprise you with a present or something—those are cool.

I guess no one has ever been able to surprise you, then?

Trey (chuckles): Not at all. They get it, I think. They just ignore it. [laughs] I’ll try to, you know, forget I know something’s coming, so I can act surprised for them and stuff. I mean, anytime someone wants to do something nice, and then actually follows through, it’s a big effing surprise, so… [laughs from Trey and Clarissa].

Biggest drawback with having this talent?
Trey: Finding out someone you trust, maybe even love, can’t be trusted.

Has this happened to you?

Trey: Uh, yeah, I guess you could say that. [Trey notices Clarissa’s rather big mouth opening] It’s not a can of worms you want to open.

Well, then, what’s the biggest plus side to this talent?
Trey: Sort of the same answer, in a way. It’s good to know who your allies are, but it’s sometimes sad to know who they aren’t.

In order for your power to work, do you have to be in close proximity to the person, or is it in the voice, a look, what?

Trey: I think it’s mostly a proximity thing, but there have been times where it’s just a general feeling coming from a group of people, no one specific. It varies, I guess. Either I get the vibe, or I don’t. Pretty much that simple.

Let’s talk secrets! What are some juicy morsels you’ve uncovered using your power?

Trey [laughing]: Ah, well…did you know Benji once spiked Irving’s fin cream during gym?

He did not!

Trey: Yep. Used something called a shedding cream?

Oh no! Shedding creams are used for overly dry fins—it basically sloughs away the top layer of fin. If Irving didn’t need it, trust me when I say the process was terribly itchy.

Trey [hysterical]: Awesome. Oh, sorry.
No, no, it’s fine, it’s fine! This is good scoop! What else do you have for us?

Trey: Madame Helena sneaks loads of liquor to her room, usually vodka, despite lecturing kids on the evils of alcohol; Vice Principal Anderson fudges his height and wears a toupee [Clarissa gasps and giggles]; some of the Fairhair students aren’t natural blonds.

[Clarissa nearly falls off her chair] That’s not possible.

Trey: Why not? There are some non-blonds, right? There are a couple of well-known mermaids that come to mind.

Uh, yes, I suppose that’s true. They’re exceedingly rare, though…and it could mean—who are the Fairhair students with dyed hair?

Trey [eyebrow raised]: Forgot. New topic?

Of course. Next on my list is, uh…[Clarissa shuffling through her notes. She’s pissy she didn’t get what she wanted] Oh, shut up, you stupid Sandblastwriter…piece of seahorsesh—[Trey gazes at her like she has lost her crap…and, truth be told, she has] Here we go—next up, we have some special questions from our loyal readers!

Tune in next week when Trey answers your questions!


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