Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Roping the Roundup, Part Two: Cover Reveal, Reviews, & Upcoming Character Interviews

It seems when I remember to post things on FB or Twitter, I forget to add them here and vice versa. *shakes head*


*Cover Reveal: Ooooh, it's here! It's here! It's time! The cover for my second baby is all ready! I'll be doing a thorough post and summary on here tomorrow. If you'd like to see it sooner, please stop by The Zombie Queen herself: 

The Bookish Brunette-The Merworld Water Wars Book Two  Cover Reveal! 

* Reviews: FINNED has received a couple of truly AMAZING editorial reviews from Ashley at The Bookish Brunette and PaulHarrison of A Role Model. I reverted back to my seven-year-old self when I read them, and Mom and I actually jumped up and down and cried (did I really just admit to that?).

Here are a couple of snippets from each (**SQUEAL**). The links to the full reviews can be found in the above paragraph (done especially for you, Mom; now you can just click the link, since I know how much you hate to type in web addresses ;)

 "Two words: Freaking Awesome...FINNED is a fun, sharp-witted tale of Merpeople, Normals, first love, some heart-pounding action and a centuries old war that everyone is still fighting. And MerRacing?? Oh. My. God. BEST THING EVER!!! Seriously- one of the coolest freaking scenes I've ever read in my life..." -The Bookish Brunette

"...FINNED is fun and witty. It's so packed full of charm that it is simply irresistible. The book is fun from start to finish. It's entertaining in a way that very few indie books are, and for that its more than worthy of recommendation." -Paul Harrison, ARoleModel

* Mandy's Top Ten: I also recently answered Mandy’s Top Ten on her blog, I read Indie.  Her questions, like her blog, were an absolute blast! The giveaway is over now (and stupid me didn't remember to post about it here--just FB and twitter. Hey, at least I got 2 out of 3). If you’d like to read her awesomeness and my silliness, as well as an excerpt from FINNED, pop on over by clicking this link: 

* Character Interviews: Well, the Merpeople have finally secured interviews with the local Normals (i.e. Non-merfolk, but powerful nonetheless…albeit extremely quirky). Please join chief reporter from the top selling merfolk publication, Sandierays, Clarissa Smoggrove as she attempts to dig up dirt on the resident outcasts of Saxet Shores, Texas (operative word being ‘attempts’).

Let’s just say these interviews could get very, very messy.

First up on Ms. Smoggrove’s radar is Meikle Martinez, a powerful witch with a dark, somewhat unemotional demeanor. Well-known for her mysterious obsession with her purple sequined bag (rumored to hold some unknown power), Meikle is a self-proclaimed non-hugger, prefers black to all colors, & shows unwavering loyalty to her friends.

Coming soon! :)

NOTE: I'm so sorry for all the big spaces. It doesn't look that way in the edit/create post page. I have no idea how to fix it. :/

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